Steven Michelsen


Here is a timeline of my career.  I have been a freelancer since day one. 

I am available as a powerpoint programmer.


1975-1979      film production student

1979-1980      very brief film production career

1980                wandered into an A/V shop, where I was asked,  "Do you know how to mount slides?"

1980-1984      worked in A/V houses around NYC: slide mounter, darkroom, forox, slide coordinator

1981                 first staging job: three weeks as a crew of one on a two-projector, 15 city Dow-Chemical show.

1984-1996      multi-image slideshow programmer, sometimes working as TD simultaneously.

1996-2001      Sony CRV programmer (Sony shows)

1993-2023      powerpoint programmer, or whatever is next
2023-               retired and playing with old AVL gear


I have worked on many, many shows, around the country and overseas:  Everything from sales meetings, to investor conferences, to pharma meetings, to the DC Comics booth at Comic-Con, to annual “SEC issues” meetings.  I am happy to report that I have worked with the majority of my clients for over 10 years, some for almost 30.


I am comfortable working as a small part of a large crew, or being sent "all by myself" to work with a dozen high-end doctors at a pharma "advisory board".  In addition to driving the graphics at meetings I often find myself in pre-show rehearsal/powerpoint editing sessions surrounded by clients and presenters.


Please contact me regarding rates and availablility.  Thank you for your consideration.

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